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A happy and fulfilled relationship with a partner is a complex matter.  Problems can arise at any time and it is best to resolve them sooner rather than later.  It is much easier to resolve an existing relationship than to enter into a new one.  This is because we take our unresolved issues with us into the new relationship, and after the 'honeymoon period', things can start to feel very familiar.  


Does this feel familiar?


* there is a sense of distance in the relationship and you feel unable to reach out to each other


* difficult conversations may be avoided to prevent arguments


* feelings of hurt, anger, resentment remain after conflict giving rise to feelings of isolation


* arguments become circular and spiral down to familiar unresolved issues


* you feel unhappy because you do not feel heard or understood


* past unresolved issues or trauma may be impacting the relationship


In therapy I can support you both to emerge from your negative cycle to a place where you can re-connect and re-discover your mutual needs, gain understanding and build a physically and emotionally stronger relationship.


Goal - to aim for the imperfect perfect relationship!


Who can benefit from couples counselling?

  • Loving couples wanting to improve their relationship.
  • Dissatisfied couples wanting to improve their relationship.
  • Engaged couples looking for insight into healthy relationships.
  • Couples considering separation or divorce.

I focus on the following areas in couples counselling:

  • Marriage issues
  • Premarital consultation
  • Divorce
  • Intimacy issues & sexual dysfunction
  • Relationship problems
  • Separation


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